Effective work length

ObsSome of our customers has voiced their concern that some of our roundslings seems to be shorter than what is stated on the label. To clarify this, and to try to avoid future misunderstandings, we would like to give a short explanation on why our round sling sometimes could look shorter than their labels states.

Prior to the manufacturing process starts, we perform a control measurement of our production equipment. Then, during the production, all the lifting fibers are pre tightened to make sure the weight load is distributed equally among the fibers while the sling is in use. This pre tightening process is very effective in ensuring minimal elasticity while the sling is in use, but it will cause the sling to contract some when the protective cover is sewed on. With that said, it will stretch out again while being used.

The fact that the sling contract during manufacturing can in some cases cause problems during attaching / monting. Slings with a high WLL demands a long construction diameter. We therefore encourage our customers to keep this in mind when the work length is a critical measure.

If multiple slings are being used together, we highly recommend to purchase all slings from the same manufacture.