Precautions when lifting

To avoid injuries to personnel and equipment, certain precaution need to/should be taken. By applying the rules below, the use of soft lifting equipment should be done in a satisfying way.  

  • Only use certified slings
  • A valid certification should be available when the sling is used
  • Be especially attentive about the contact diameter, and make sure it is not to small in the point of lifting
  • Take notice of the lifting angle. Use a load table.
  • Do not drag the slings under transportation
  • Do not make any knots on the slings
  • Twisted slings should not be strained
  • Do not use slings against sharp objects without using a shim
  • Do not pull the sling away from the cargo while the cargo is lifted
  • Avoid quick pulls and shock load
  • Highest permitted working temperature is 100° C
  • Polyester slings should not be used together with alkalis.
  • Lifting should be carried out with a stabilized cargo. If the cargoes length makes it necessary to use multiple slings, a special device should be used making sure the slings are used in a vertical position spreading the load equally among the slings.