Subsea mudmat produced by PartnerPlast AS

MudMat® is a heavy duty subsea protection and support mat that is a part of PartnerPlast’s portfolio of protection systems developed especially for the subsea- and offshore market. The mat can be used to protect cables, pipes and installations at the seabed, or as a landing/positioning device for subsea equipment. MudMat® was originally developed by Installit, and the product has an extensive track record from several large projects in the North Sea, among other at the Njord-field in 2017.

The MudMat® is produced by PartnerPlast’ PU factory, Molstad Modell & Form. A crucial part of these mats are slings delivered by AS Hamatec. We are proud that we once again were able to find a new area of utilization for our products. Tore Lien from Molstad was very pleased with the delivery from Hamatec. “Both the quality, service and time of delivery was top class,” Tore Lien said. We, in Hamatec, are very happy we were trusted with this task, and hope to be able to fulfill the tasks given to us in the future.